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Dr. Jennifer Kelly


I have been serving the Dearborn area since 2009.  Prior to that I was in Ferndale, MI for two years.  My goal is to improve joint motion, decrease pain, and help you function optimally.     


My interest in chiropractic began after a sports injury in high school.  I was experiencing some lower back pain after one of my basketball games.  My parents suggested that I see their chiropractor.  The doctor used muscle testing (kinesiology) and palpation to evaluate my condition.  I found it very difficult to resist with certain muscle tests.  After the adjustment, he re-evaluated the muscle strengths and to my surprise it was much easier to resist.  The muscle had full strength again.  He explained that once you relieve the pressure off the nervous system and restore motion in the joint, you feel and function better.  This visit to the chiropractor is what sparked my interest in chiropractic and helped me find my purpose in life. 


I completed my undergraduate degree in kinesiology at Michigan State University.  After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I went on to attain my doctorate of chiropractic at National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL.  I worked for a chiropractor in Ferndale for a few years, when I quickly decided that I wanted to treat patients a little differently.  I like to spend quality time with each patient, using muscle testing to help evaluate and re-evaluate, and if needed, some soft tissue work.  I treat patients the way I would want to be treated.  In August of 2009, I opened the doors of Kelly Chiropractic. ​


We accept most insurances.  We also accept auto accidents and workman's compensation.  

No insurance?   That is not a problem.  We have many patients that value the treatment and pay out of pocket.  It is not as expensive as one may think.  Call the office at (313) 724-8638, if you would like to schedule a free consultation or inquire about our fees.

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